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Yalla Design.

Chanan de Lange

With Tal Gur and Yaakov Kaufman


Exhibition with Tal Gur and Yaakov Kaufman (first exhibited in Gallery le Bureau des Esprit, Fierra Milano, 2000)

The exhibition investigated the effect of minor changes on the object and the link between the group and the individual.

The main theme, being a small shift in size, posture or shape is expressed differently in each group: the black chairs have a 2.5 % difference in volume. Each group of bookstands has its legs located at a different angle. The lamps are identical except for a variation in brush strokes and a difference in fabric reaction to the heat of the light bulbs. The small variations give each objects a separate "persona" and add a vital and dynamic quality to each group.

1- Black Obelisks- plywood, laminated plywood and matte black Formica.

Minor changes in size.

02- Line A- floor Lamp .metal, black acrylic paint on cotton fabric, cat.

03- Mandu – vacuum molded P.V.C on M.D.F.

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