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about Periscope.

A love story.

Periscope gallery is like a box filled with wonders, or a stage on which magic happens every single time. It gives birth to new and innovative exhibitions, that were born by the love and passion between the curator and the designer.

The "periscopic" vision beyond the horizon gives-way to the creation of fascinating objects, that examine the borders of a language and arise dialog between designers, consumers and design lovers.

Periscope's activity led to the creation of new categories, that with time were called "design-art". This move was enable following the encounters between the artistic context of the gallery's presentation and the tendency of design to focus on the functionality dimension. My artistic background as a curator extracted from the designers "artistic energy". I realised that not every artist is a designer, and yet every designer is indeed an artist.

Exhibition after exhibition, and the presented objects were created out of rich visual adventures full of imagination and colours, and released from economic stress. Every object was formed in a unique way much like a work of art. The manual crafts had an individual uniqueness, virtuoso creation, and a local emphasis- they all entered to the design domain. A category characterised by industrial functionality and international features that lack local uniqueness. 

I'm happy to see that the seeds I planted sprouted and blossomed.

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