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Who did you call a jar?

Sholi Strauss

Paper and concrete vases

Made for the exhibition “Who did you call a jar?” in Periscope gallery.

A group exhibition of the new graduates of class 2001 from the industrial design department in Bezalel Academy.

Paper vases:

Folded paper treated with polyester and silicone. When I was a child in school, we used to fold the paper box shape, fill it with water and throw it at each other. I felt it is a good reference for an end of school exhibition. During the work process, I found the pyramid shape option, and experimented with decorated wrapping paper.

Concrete vases:

Materials: Anti seepage treated concrete, metal, spray paint

Where I lived, there were some buildings with concrete columns protruding from their roofs with metal bare sticking out – a preparation for the continued building that never happened.

I experimented with decorating the concrete with floral indentations and with elements from local graffiti spray painted on the concrete.


Peg - 2001

Materials: Beech wood, stainless steel, polyurethane rubber.

This folding two-legged bar stool was designed during my last year at design academy.

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