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Exhibition by David Amar
Aluminium frames and lacquered wood


Variations is a comprehensive project commissioned for Periscope Gallery in Tel Aviv for my first solo show. Variations refer to altered materials and ways of binding them together while keeping a lead motif. The design process led me to forming a specific ‘grammar’ and restrictions I took upon myself for creating the different objects in the exhibition. The project investigates the importance of guidelines and grammar in design as part of creating a rich language.

It aims to show how different elements of a vocabulary can be bind, arranged and rearranged together in multiple variations, simile to musical variations in which a basic theme is explored while changing rhythm, sequence, shape, harmony and composition.

The range of work made for this exhibition includes functional objects such as vases, lighting, bowels and tables alongside sculptural elements. Although restricted, the potential of creation is vast, and this project suggests looking at the importance of guidelines to the creative process.

All photos by: Shaxaf Haber

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