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Edge of Material

Zohar Sally & Bar Gantz

Eilon Armon



Zohar Sally, Zohara Design

Zohar Sally, graduated from the industrial design department of Holon Institute of Technology. Her work focuses on combining techniques to create new and unique visual appearances. About the Project Holding Smoke, a project in which a new technique emerged that combines textile and ceramic, with the main purpose of copying the textile’s characteristics into a ceramic object. This new technique required reinvention of traditional concepts in the ceramic world, in order to capture the 3-dimensional properties of the fabric. Finding the fine line between restraining the fabric in such a way it’ll fit as a ceramic mold, while at the same time allowing it to look “unconstrained”, created a new method to express the ceramic’s capabilities. As part of the process the textile mold disappears, meaning that every object is “One Piece” and there are no two objects that look the same.

Bar Gantz, Studio Bow

Steam bending is a wood-working technique of heating wood using a steam box. The applied heat and moist makes the wood pliable to easily bend and create a specific shape. When Barwas first introduced to this technology, she immediately saw the potential, as well as the magic, it brings back to our era using an old, traditional and ecological expertise as the wood bending. Bar fall in love with this technology when she was working on her final project in the HIT-Holon Institute of Technology and decided to keep and develop her products. in her work she uses the esthetic details for functional structure.

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