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Ronen Kadushin
Curator: Kenny Segal


"Thinology is an exhibition dealing with the possibilities of designing in thin materials.

While working on the exhibition I developed a technique of controlled forcing a precise cutout of sheet material to form a three-dimensional object.  

We came to some kind of an understanding the material and I: I force the sheet up to a certain shape, while it does not break or “forget” it’s flat origin. The visual effect resulting from this understanding is an object which has both two and three-dimensional qualities simultaneously. Shape is achieved through movement. Function (chair, table, bowl) is an application of material, shape and movement to fit human scale and needs." 

Ronen Kadushin


"One step before the world becomes a virtual reality of pixels, Kadushin captivates shape as if the next move is total dissipation…something that can be downloaded from the Internet. This exhibition deals with the movement between what can and cannot be. The objects are situated on the borderline of material and non-material, they are and they are not. Kadushin uses details and semiotics to lend credibility to the pieces as furniture, even paraphrasing modernist icon furniture. The way the material is used causes the pieces to border on the ephemeral rather than the tangible, raising more questions than answers.

Kadushin’s involvement with thinology revolves around the use of minimum amount of material that at the last minute has been forced to define itself, while lending itself to the suggestion that it is better off as raw material or maybe as nothing at all." 

Kenny Segal

Photographer: Baruch natah

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