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Solo Exhibition.

Roy Maayan and Rachel Rotman Garji

Curator: Sari Paran


'Solo Exhibition' is the first collaboration between Roy Maayan and Rachel Rotman Garji. The two define themselves as pooters, place the traditional material and technology at the base of their work, and use the wheel as a starting point for their work, but the method of handling the material and the way to challenge the tradition and stretch the boundaries is expressed differently in each of them. In "solo exhibition," the two combine adventure and randomness with perfection that is planned in detail and creates common objects. In the most stereotypical way the language of maayan is quasi-sharp protrudes and bursts, while Rotman's circular roundness is finely composed of infinite details and contains. In the common objects presented by the two in the exhibition, a combination is created that blurs the gender identity and the containment relationship changes from object to object and presents a personal encounter with many layers. Each object began with the work of each of the creators in his studio, with the thought of conecting and creating a dialogue. Later on they introduced the elements physically, placed them together and melted them in the fire to one body. The joint move created a symbiotic relationship in which objects that crossed the melting pot led to a synergy in which each of the artists illuminates and intensifies the work of the other. In the video art 'Folie aux Deux' maayan and Rothman Garji examine the difference and similarity in their work in another medium. On the screen is born a hybrid image containing two creators and the virtual hybrid deceptive and unifies the objects they produce into one.

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