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Zivia Kay


STRIPs, Strips, Still, Still more, and more.
Another, another one, a bigger on, a red one, if possible – any one! Or a different one...
One that fits, one that might fit, an outdoor one, one that can be leashed...
One that can be seen,
One that “stars” consume, one that everybody has, one that nobody has...
The “ONE”! “One of”
Signed if possible, seen, been talked about... consumed, heavily consumed, that
can be taken out of your pocket with nonchalance...
Is it possible for that one to kick? To sing? To be implanted?
The state of the art of the nanotechnology?
To be new forever?
Young forever?
One that you can live with and feel without?
One that can be modified to be formless? pointless?



The work offers a rolling furniture strip for knockdown using.
One can tear up a piece of domestic furniture, stretch it up, present it hanged on
the wall or place it for use: table, shelf, rocking-chair, stool, light-piece...
The idea challenges the permanent attitude of furniture design of pieces, assigned
to specific space and use.
The objects define a minimal lifestyle by designing a strip which is the 2/3-
dimensional dynamic piece and space, mobility becomes a domestic value.
A new relationship between wood and textile is the raw material which is
disconnected from a specific aesthetic style.



Dr. Zivia Kay is a visual ethics researcher, her PhD subject ‘The Signature of Appearance’ at
the faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, is an innovative conjunction
between the fields of urban design, visual ethics and hacktivism. Kay is a senior lecturer at
Bezalel academy in Jerusalem and an active designer at her own studio kUAH in Tel Aviv,
specializes in innovative civic strategies.





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