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"Out of Section"  Possible Structures

Udi Cramsky

Curator: Sari Paran

Assistant: Yedidya Ish Shalom


The 'Possible Structures' presented at the exhibition are diverse elements constructed from different materials in various methods and technics; all realized and created as possibilities in space initiated out of their sections.

Clay bodies, perspecs and MDF, plywood and OSB plates, embrace the question of their creation, the question of their existence, their performance in space, reaction to light and reflection.   In spite of the fact that each of them is a complete body, they present at the same time a mystery in the space around them.

Udi Cramsky is an Architect, based in Tel Aviv, designing a whole range of projects, from Public spaces and buildings, to Interiors and Residential projects.  Teaching Interior Design in Holon Institute of Technology, and working with different materials at the realm of art and design.

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