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Memory Shards

Exhibition by Marcelle Klein

Curator: Sari Faran


In an imaginary greenhouse with imaginary beds, Marcelle Klein creates a surrealistic landscape of
atrophied, shell-like objects resembling cultivated crops, whose purpose is unclear.
Translucent and brittle porcelain forms cradling pale patches of color, which peep through and resemble
the remains of gnawed fruit, or the imprints of animal fossils.
This is a new series of work which is unlike her previous wheel-thrown ceramic sculptures that were
sealed, smooth and simple.
The delicate hollow shells create a complex system of divergent contours connecting the exterior and
interior, and relate to the inherent tensions that exist between organic and structural, rough and
smooth, obvious and obscure, accessible and hidden.
This installation simultaneously explores the magic of nature, the laws of creation, human events, and
organic processes that occur from birth until death, from flowering to wilting, withering, shriveling and,
ultimately, to total disintegration. The pieces reflect outlines of memories, and fragmented traces of
existence, (coded as if in a dream), and allude to something that was and is no more.
A human attempt to grasp the unattainable, to attribute meaning to transience and expendability, gives
these skeletal and ethereal objects a subdued sense of melancholy as they touch on the mystery of
existence, its essence, and its inevitable end.

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