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 Loosing Loos

Noa Tamir, Sholmi Eiger, Shai Shnaiderman, Shachar Ziv, Ruth Noam, Umamy Group, Anat Golan, Edna Ficher, Magenta Studio, Maor Aharon, Yael Fridman, Dalia Fisch Benari, Galit Shvo, Galia Bercovich, Itamar Sagi, Iris Arad


Exhibition curator: Merav Rahat


Noa Tamir: "My work process for this show started with researching tribal head piece/jewelry.


While looking at these magnificent head ornaments, and admiring they're richness in
workmanship and detail, which are obtained by using the cheapest materials, I came into the conclusion that although these are beautiful creations - they are stealing all the attention from the person who is under them, wearing them.

That paradox was fascinating to me, and it became the starting point in my project.

The cluster and clatter of elements became a visual language, which led to the main object of my work: the absence of boundaries. The absence of boundaries between synthetic and organic, between blossom and dying, between colorful and monochrome and most of all the absence of boundaries between the jewelry and the person wearing it up to the point in which they both loose their function and their essence!

The person has lost his identity completely to the piece of jewelry and the jewelry has lost its essence of being mere decoration up to the point it cannot be removed and has completely deleted the person under.

They are now both depend on each other to be, and ignore each other's purpose at the same time."

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