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Hours and Circles

Juany Mukmel

Curator: Yeshayahu Ish Gabbai


In her new exhibition, Juany Mukmel presents a body of new works, created in the years 2016-2018. In this exhibition, Juany explores the interaction between a big, whole object and its little and separate components. The tension between the spatial and voluminous objects that resemble a basket, and which are constructed from endless seams that accumulate through time and activity, create a visionary and hypnotizing look.

Juany invites the spectator to join her journey through lands of material and color that merge together into a web that is saturated and fertile and at the same time thin and ungraspable.

In this exhibition, Juany presents three groups of work differentiated by their size, and this enables different degrees and angles of observation and experience. The artist constructs her creative world by a combination of ancient tribal traditions and contemporary trends in the field of art and design.


Photograph: Ran Erde    

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