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Ruth Shomroni

Curator: Sari Paran


Ruth Shomroni creates her work in a beautiful studio within her well-appointed home surrounded by a lovely garden. Binyamina is not unfamiliar for Ruth. Dan grew up in Binyamina where Ruth joined him when they got married. Years later, Ruth and Dan left for Ramat-Hasharon and have recently returned to Binyamina. For residents of the area see it as their little piece of heaven on earth. These calm and peaceful surroundings, far from the maddening crowds, enabled Ruth to create in her studio aesthetic objects, objects of desire. However, events and news from the Gaza surrounding region penetrate the Studio walls. Traumatic bits of the past peep out, dreamlike, wandering around our consciousness. The “wound” referred to by the late Amos Oz as a source for his and other writers becomes the steam powering Ruth’s art work. Through meditative reiteration grow up tall ceramic bodies like trees reaching up towards infinity. Cacti bereft of any fruit intertwined with metal mesh like a fence with no function. Through economical artistic means, colourfulness and earth coloured textures, Ruth successfully conveys the air of nature ruined by mankind. Vegetation or its remains, broken, fragmented and chopped, stand for blood drenched twilight zones, arid desert, empty spaces, sand grains flying towards dark clouds whose shadows fall onto the exposed dry trees. A group of abstract heads, mouths wide open, crying the cry of mankind. Curly metal objects scattered on the floor like smouldering fruits. Routine is broken, nature is scorched. Dan’s photographs of burnt fields increase the air of grief, anxiety, worry. This exhibition protests humanity’s march of folly. Are we destined to slide down the slippery slope into an infinite black hole? Ruth answers: “Gewald !”.

Photography by Ron Arda 

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