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בין קונטור לקוטור-מיכל מורלי-צילום רן ארדה.jpg

From Couture to Contour


Illustration Week 2021

Michal Moraly

 Curator:Ilana Carmeli Lanner


The artist, fashion designer & illustrator Michal Moraly, presents in this exhibition

3-dimensional illustrations created by pencil, paint, and metal-wires of various shades.

 This composition challenges the spectator's eye by perceiving a 2-dimensional illustration as a 3-dimensional one. The artist began this fascinating path of art about 1.5 years ago.

Most of the works were created specifically for this exhibition.

Thinking of an illustration, we expect viewers to perceive a 2-dimensional in black and white or color view. By these illustrations the artist makes us sense a 3-dimensional experience in a fascinating technique, beginning with a 2-dimensional pencil & paint drawing, and simulating a 3-dimensional work with metal-wires on top.

This exhibition takes place as a part of "Illustration week". The artist sought for new paths of self-expression during this current tumultuous period. Acrylic black paint with thin brushes on canvas were used as a basis for metal-wires composition.


Michal: "the result was a surprising 2 & 3-dimensions put together in one work of art.

I was sucked into "clothes nostalgia" with a big question: "why". After 10 years of putting away fashion design, I realized I'm attached deeply to fashion, starting by sitting next to my grandmother's "Singer" sewing machine when I was 6 years old.

Being a Shankar college fashion-design graduate, I continuously painted lingerie and

Couture of 18th century, that were designed with a very narrow waist, almost unbearable to breath in when worn. After some thought given, I realized it described exactly how I felt in the last Covid19 year of restrictions. The metal-wires expressed the "cage like" feeling, and the air-voids in between expressed the air and freedom I needed."                

Michal Moraly is a fashion designer, Interior designer

, and art instructor, who have worked in a variety of artistic areas, and for the past 10 years is focused on visual-art creation, art-therapy, and children artistic-tutoring.

Photography: Ran Erde, Guy Hamoy

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