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DU BE is a joint exhibition by Vered Babai and Kobi Roth,

composed of jewellery and small objects.


Early memories and popular images from childhood, computer games, toys, embroidery and hairstyles stand as sources of inspiration and lead a quest for new images and shapes, while their research process refers to classic metalsmithing techniques (such as soldering, casting, perforation, melting and wrapping), in attempt to realize a complex result of metal work.


Vered Babai and Kobi Roth met during their studies at the Department of Jewelry in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. For a period of several years they used to meet and work together as part of weekly routine, at Vered's workshop in Tel Aviv. All the pieces in this exhibition were placed in pairs and reflect the ongoing dialogue during those meetings.


The title "DU BE" (meaning in Hebrew "Teddy Bear") is directly and associatively related to this group of works and also provoke a sense of "duo" when divided into syllables.

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