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Zany Archive


 Irit Yatziv


For her third solo exhibition Irit Yatziv has transported her entire wardrobe closet to Periscope Gallery. For many years now, Yatziv plans her daily colorful outfits according to standards she herself sets. Stepping outside onto the street, she asks passersby to photograph her in public places.

Yatziv’s wardrobe is an archive, a life journal, a place where clothes have been collected for years. It portrays layers of time and events, and serves as an inspiration for her daily picture-story.

Yatziv views her wardrobe as an artist’s palette and enters it as you would a studio full of materials, colors, patterns and visual elements that make up each creation.

Throughout the exhibition, Yatziv will choose a daily outfit from the gallery wardrobe and ask exhibition visitors to take pictures of her. These photographs will then be printed and displayed in the gallery, creating a journal, enriched daily, to become the exhibition journal. 

The exhibition also features a new stop-motion work entitled HOME no LESS – a performance in which Yatziv shows the contents of her wardrobe as her clothes pile on her body.

Growing up on the ethos of the kibbutz education system and its advocacy of unity and conformity, Yatziv regards these acts – choosing clothes, getting dressed, and displaying the printed images, an ongoing daily practice that defies Zionist attempts to establish a new identity through the unification of external particularities: a functional and modest dress code.  

The Hebrew title of the exhibition, which plays on the phonetic similarity of the words Zionist and Tzivoni (colorful) thus refers to the Zionist Archive and seeks

to present the act of compensation that originates in the desire for individuality, or for the repressed to be expressed. 

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