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A Plate

Nilly Landao

Curator: Sari Paran


“A plate” was inspired by a book I composed a year before the exhibition. The book expressed interaction between serene white ceramic and hot temperamental red food inside it.


For Periscope exhibition, I tried to experiment relations between white ceramic plate and a table surface. For this I created one type of wide edged plate, that can hold cutlery, and drinking cup. Red jello had represented the red food. Under the transparent jello was planted zen oriented poems by Tali Herdevall, as a reminder of her poems that had accompanied my book 


One long table consisted ideas for at least four tables:

1- Flat table. Almost two dimensional.

The plates were drowned inside the table. 

The drinking cups were attached under the surface and long drinking straws were popped up like periscopes. The cutlery was magnetized to the edge of the table, living the a calm table clean of objects.

2- Making place on the table surface by letting the plates moved a little outside the table.

3- the plates moved completely to the edge of the table. No plates on the table

surface. (That gave me the idea for my “very slim table” that came later on).


The plate became independent from a table. Now it can be used anywhere, outdoor and indoor. Another kind of plate was the bento. It consisted removable partitions.

The same idea enable an “endless plate” with many removable partitions. I called it “a long plate”, and it has served as a cocktail plate at the opening of the exhibition.


All the plates and tables, along with the food in it, offers an exiting playground for lots of compositions with textures, colors and flavorsHopefully it will create a friendly atmosphere for a nice chatter and some smiles.

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