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Yuval Etzioni ​​


This project includes 9small scale articles, and 9 large scale objects. All the items are made of re-used or recycled textiles, or textile related materials. Traditional natural fibers of flax and raffia are used beside reused variety of synthetic fibers
small scale objects are free etudes of binding, gathering, stitching as textile practices referring to the artist's local biographic environment. The large scale objects derived from the found, discarded tote bags which used to grow trees at the nursery until they are ready to be plant. The woven bags are cut and thrown away after the tree is planted. 
The artist's reaction to the found object is using traditional textile practices such as weaving, knitting and embroidery to create new objects. The new object's design is based upon traditional structures, researching layering, compositions of symmetry, rhythms or its interruptions, but it does not aim to fix or re-design the found items back
in to a usable state. At the found damaged condition, referring to an article of clothing such as gown, apron or cloak, the bags  become a body scale cloth articles,  no longer usable, being left at the non-functional, non- repairable phase. 


The photos was taken by Ran Erde 

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