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Time of Light

Alisa Sheinson 

Curator: Ilana Carmeli-Lehner



“For the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” – Francis Bacon

Aliza Sheinson is a multi-disciplinary designer who started out at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, and has since created a large variety of design projects in Israel and abroad. She invests her love for light as a three-dimensional instrument into each interior and visual design project.

In 2014, she began creating extraordinary vessels of light. The artist’s passion and love for light are part of her creative thinking. She conceived the first light fixture in 2014, when she moved to a new studio; it was contrived and designed in view of the need to illuminate a table which served as the room’s central sculpture. The rest is history. In addition to her affection for the material substance, Aliza’s philosophical connection to the spiritual quality of light comes into play. Indeed, light carries the double meaning associated with it also on the content-related level. In Creation, it serves both as a worldly, material substance which is perceived sensually, and as an invisible, sublime essence which brings forth revelation and imparts meaning. “Light is the very spark of joy, bliss, love and the unchangeable state of inner peace which awakens and challenges an entire world in me. In my work, I attempt to extract color and shadow from the light using the depths and folds of the shadow from an invisible or structured perspective and trap the light in time,” Aliza Sheinson says.

With her designs, Aliza strives to create a prism for looking at and understanding the phenomenon of light that functions both as a substance and as a reflection whose meaning shifts while we look at our surroundings.

The appearances of light brought forth by the artist’s works represent the symbolic as well as the physical light that is caught by the senses and allows room for the nature of transition between them and for the story observers tell themselves when looking at her work. This contemplation empowers the timeless and non-material experience of light which lends the artist’s works an enchanted and mystical preciousness.

At her current exhibition, Aliza Sheinson presents two collections: “Dance of Light” and “Living Nature”.

The three-dimensional collection “Dance of Light” which was especially designed for this occasion, shows light fixtures in the form of amorphous receptacles dispersing artistic illumination, a pleasant light that fluctuates between exposure and nebulous concealment, between matt and shiny, the opaque and the transparent as well as the static and the dynamic. “In my work, I froze fabric in motion while I wanted to introduce radiance into the fabric’s folds, as well as a beauty that’s not self-evident,” says Aliza Sheinson.

The light receptacles are made from fabric, polymers and delicate metal frames.

The collection “Living Nature” is the result of Aliza Sheinson’s love for nature, for the sea, for the desert that sprouts dry vegetation and accumulations of stones – brought forth from the absolute anonymity they have in the eyes of the observer, blotted out by the light shed on them. The objects are three-dimensional casts from polymer materials and Perspex, combined with processed photographs that are accompanied by lighting.


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