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Light Fittings

Ami Drach, Dov Ganchrow, Mark Bobrobich

Crutors: Alex Meitlis 



A series of lighting objects explore the iconic incandescent bulb, drawing attention to its morphology and electrical functioning. many of the objects leverage the bulbs shape to create a mechanical interfacing - structure that arises from the bulbs round form coupled with stressed material such as polycarbonate, aluminum or even paper. in another instance the bulb is brought into the "spotlight" by removing any obstructing lamp shade and joining several bulbs together to emphasis the inherent beauty of the object. in another design the bulb "grows" ears so that is may be manually turned to engage the electrical contacts -thereby eliminating the need for a light switch; simply turn the bulb to turn it on or off. lastly a typical table lamp with mechanical arm was humorously altered; its base table-clamp was switched with its lamp shade - ironically these continue to function perfectly as a lamp base and light bulb-holder.

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