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Hani Laronne


"Sometimes what there is, is merely an excuse and a packaging, and emptiness is the true treasure"


(The Book of Tao / Lao-Tzu)



Infinity, bounds of space and time


The exhibition deals with Sacred Geometry, which includes ancient knowledge of the language of creation and the primal formation of shapes. The lines and shapes symbolize the sacred movements of the spirit within emptiness, movements that emanate from vast emptiness to create three dimensions.


The structures and shapes in my sculptures are derived from obscure thoughts that are brought into focus by the need to reveal and understand abstract images and to translate these into clear and precise insights. A conceptual abstract image evolves into a primal form. The process of formal development is accompanied by constant examination of and experimentation with all spatial options by dismantling and assembling objects. This process is accompanied by sustained observation and contemplation, which sometimes leads me back to the starting point with a different and more coherent perspective, and the joy of revelation occurs solely in the dimension of time.


My new view allows me to complete my sculpture. The process is an intuitive one, based on an inner sense of undefined knowledge which gathers enormous perceptual volume that is unsettling.


Random clues in the fabric of life awaken in me the urge to seek confirmation in written sources of information. Theoretical material testifies to and endorses the ideas that were formulated in my imagination. Working with material does not resemble cognition -it is more elaborate and complex.

The sculptures are characterized by their space-embracing dimensional essence. In an ideal world, I visualize these floating in space, unbound by the forces of gravity.


Sacred Geometry


The circle represents emptiness, perfection and the core of human creativity that is translated by will. In a circle all paths emanating from its center are equal.

The circle represents intelligence, is the essence of infinity, the sky and the heavens, in contrast to the square that represents the earth, the end and the earthly world of matter. The relationship between the circles constitutes the basis for creating all dimensional forms and especially the geometric solution of squaring the circle, which is analogous to the beginning of the process of discovering the dimension of infinity.

Vesica Pisces is created when two identical circles intersect and touch each other's center, creating the Golden Ratio.


In sacred geometry there are five dimensional objects with equal edges, faces and vertices. Each object fits within a sphere.

The Triangle – tetrahedron – 4 faces, 4 vertices and 6 edges.  represent consistency.

The Cube - hexahedron – 6 faces, 8 vertices and 12 edges.

four directions and straight vertices, and represents polarity.

The Bipyramid – octahedron – 8 faces, 12 edges, 6 vertices. Represents the physical, tangible, 3-dimensional world.

The Hexagon – icosahedron – 12 vertices, 30 faces, 20 edges, fits into the pentagon.

The Pentagon – dodecahedron – 12 faces, 20 vertices, 30 edges. The pentagon has been the source of metaphysical interest throughout history and represents the ideal shape for divine will and thought. The relationship between the internal diagonal edges constitutes the Golden Ration. The pentagonal star represents primal harmonious division and the perfect connection between the finite and the infinite. The dodecahedron represents humanity.


The Flower of Life – an image created by seven circles representing the cell division process and the beginning of life's creation. In my mind's eye I clearly envisioned the two-dimensional image of the flower as a round, three-dimensional body on which each meeting point between the circles represents a focal point. Its translation into matter resulted in a powerfully structured sphere that resembles a bubble floating in space.

The sculpture Creation ("Hit'havut") emanates from a two-dimensional composition on the surface, underneath and within. Each meeting point constitutes the focal point of a new flower and this process repeats infinitely.

Whirled ("Hit'cholel") is the flower of life that rises up to form a sphere within a sphere that can continue to grow from any existing point. I sense that this is what a four-dimensional sphere would look like.

Infinitude deals with a figure called "tesseract", a four-dimensional hypercube. The fourth dimension is formed when a fourth vertex is added to the three vertices of a dimensional structure.



In his book The Fourth Dimension, Rudolph Steiner writes:

A point has zero dimensions, a line is one-dimensional, a plane is two-dimensional and a solid object has three dimensions: height, width and depth.

Imagine that you are a creature able to move only in a straight line. The spatial view perceived by such a creature would consist of a series of points and their one-dimensionality, because when we try to draw something within a line, the only option is a series of points. A two-dimensional creature will be able to perceive lines and therefore to perceive one-dimensional objects. A three-dimensional object, such as a cube, can recognize two-dimensional objects. Humans are able to perceive their own three-dimensionality, and are therefore, by definition, four-dimensional creatures. Just as the cube can perceive only two-dimensions and not its own third dimension, so we too, human beings, are not capable of perceiving the fourth dimension in which we live."


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