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Embroidery: Not What You Thought


Group Exhibition

Curator: Hadar Macover- MaRom


Embroidery is a craft in which cloth or another substrate is decorated by use of a needle and thread.

The art of embroidery is one of the world’s oldest handicrafts. Like other crafts in which the encounter of hand and material creates useful and decorative objects, embroidery is based on well-established, time-honoured techniques.

Embroidery is as useful and relevant today as ever.

Embroidery developed using locally sourced materials, with threads dyed using local plants, and patterns belonging to each place. However, we find numerous links and parallels between embroideries that arose in different parts of the world.


The idea for this exhibit came to me a long time ago.

The exhibit is meant to examine the creativity of embroidery work, in both the variety of materials and the way in which it serves works in other fields of art.

In recent years, I’ve “talked” embroidery and materials to myself and with many other talented creators.

During those years, embroidery became ever more present in people’s lives.

The work of embroidery has ceased to rely on tradition alone.

It serves as a springboard for endless possibilities and has thus won a place of honour in the world of art and crafts.


The variety presented here is the brainchild of creative people, who’ve proven that one can and should think outside the box and be open to the different and the original.

And all this is possible without the least bit of insult to tradition, or to familiar routines.

One need only fly high.

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