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Depths of Heaven

Ariel Lavian

Curator: Vered Babbi


Corona times urged to take a step back, close down the shutters facing outward and focus on creating a new series, the “Depths of Heaven,” which unfurls a new branch of his work.

In his new solo exhibition, at the Periscope Gallery, Lavian presents jewelry and other objects made of copper and silver. The technique he uses, foldforming, is based on folding, refolding, and hammering of thin metal foil. As with paper, the creasing and uncoiling give the sheets strength and three-dimensionality, while hammering them works the metals’ plasticity and reinforces it.

Just as in foldforming where the starting point is a clear and smooth sheet of metal, Lavian himself has opened a new and intriguing sheet. The social critique that emanated from his earlier work is now directed inward; Lavian has conducted a rigorous interrogation of his own self in order to hone his intentions and create objects that give precise, tangible expression to his personal responses. He clears away unnecessary background noises and chooses to delve into metalworking, a narrowing in that leads him to a plenitude of ideas and forms in pieces that hold a closer dialogue with the world of classical jewelry making. In this period of global uncertainty and confusion, Lavian’s current series offers lucidity and spaciousness. Lavian here matures into his art through his dedicated attention to the creative process.

In the choreography between hammer, metal, and anvil, generated by the artist’s initials, inward impulse, a vibrating pulsation emerges and extends itself far beyond the workbench and simultaneously resounds back into the body and affects the rhythm of successive movements. The continuous hardening of the metal decrees a consistent change in its surface and creates an intimacy that unites the artist with the responsive material in a delicate, mutual transformation.

Lavian continues and evolves his craftsmanship in patina coating that creates a protective layer and an impressive, colorful presence, giving his objects assorted textures and a sensation of varying temperatures. Some of the objects appear to be rising and blooming from secret depths, and others resemble life forms that have evolved in arid, challenging conditions. The garden of works that unfolds in the space looks like an amalgamation of botanical species emerging from secret worlds that were previously visible to the eye, but can now enter the heart.

“Every movement requires its right time” (Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu)

Lavian sets out unto his path without leaving his studio. His journey through the materials has found its right moment.


Vered Babai, October 2020

From the depths of heaven  | Ariel Lavian


Darkness closes in, reigning


Destroying our world
Increasing our greed

Silencing our conscience


Darkness closes in, reigning


Blinding our eyes

Petrify our hearts

Shallows our thoughts


Darkness closes in, reigning


Threatening our existence

Challenging our sanity

Aggravating our fears


Darkness closes in, reigning


Gnawing at his heart, his soul

Enveloping him entirely

Sneaking into his mind

Enervating his body


Darkness closes in, reigning


And he refuses to surrendered

Hopes to find solace

For his weary spirit

His injured soul


Darkness closes in, reigning


In the course of formation

He challenges hope

And he’s still searching 

For the blossom in the depths of darkness

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